January 13, 2017 / News Start your engines

By Patrick Galloway (@pat_galloway1)

What’s on? When? And where can I see it? 

Common questions from anybody who follows sport.

As we know, getting a quick answer can be an incredibly frustrating and time consuming process. Until now.

The Sportsyear Engine elevates our legendary global sports calendar to a whole new level. Its powerful features are derived from decades of sports industry expertise combined with the talent of our friends and collaborators at design studio Raine and Makin who have been with Sportsyear from day one of our digital journey.

The Sportsyear Engine arms those serious about sport with the tools to stay across the sporting horizon like never before.

Pull up the latest fixture data across all sports, teams, leagues or locations. Conduct a broad search of all upcoming sport in Melbourne or a detailed search of Group 2 horse races in WA broadcast live between June and September, the Sportsyear Engine’s search function does it all.

Filter any search down to just the must-see events, thanks to our innovative ranking system. Every great recipe has a secret sauce. This, is ours.

A Sports Cal is also inbuilt so you can add selected events. Set e-mail notifications before start times so you'll never miss a thing.

Of course, when you travel this system goes with you. Update your location in the settings and the display automatically updates start time information.

Sportsyear's digital platform can be used on the go.
Sportsyear's digital platform can be used on the go.

One subscription gets you access to on three devices at any one time, including mobile.

There is one platform purpose built to serve those serious about sport, in an increasingly global sports market. The Sportsyear Engine.

My co founder Daniel Giorelando and I have forged successful careers in the Australian sports media. Our unrivalled expertise underpins Sportsyear and the new diital platform. Think global sports calendar meets personal assistant.

Sally Fitzgibbons being interviewed by Patrick Galloway for ABC News.
Sally Fitzgibbons being interviewed by Patrick Galloway for ABC News.

Having created a succesful print range we're ready to change the game again.

The development process has been meticulous and it's resulted in a mind-blowing product.

Fill out the ROI form on the product page and we'll be in touch about setting you up. Access it by clicking here.

Plan to be impressed.