December 18, 2015 / News Yes, we hired a sexologist

By Patrick Galloway (@pat11g)

When Sportsyear approached sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein to partner up for a research study, I wasn't sure how she'd react.

Sports fans and sex don't exactly go hand in hand - but when you start to think about it a little more it actually makes a lot of sense.

Most passionate sports fans whether they be male or female, need to schedule time to enjoy their passion alongside the needs of somebody else - their partner.

Dr. Nikki's insights have been invaluable since she agreed to work with us and the results of the research proved our thinking right, that sports fans can actually be much better partners.

Close to 70% of sports fans were deemed to be more engaged with their partner after watching sport. Dr. Nikki agreed whole heartedly with the findings. "Sport gives something people to be passionate about and gives them permission to show their genuine emotions."

"I think as women we often feel that we are being pushed to second best. But I think if we were actually allowing our partners to engage in their passion then they are going to be more thoughtful when they do come back to the relationship. But it also comes down to compromise."

Dr. Nikki was also very impressed with the Sportsyear Diary
Dr. Nikki was also very impressed with the Sportsyear Diary

Since we released the findings in December, Nikki has been busy spreading the good word across Australian radio airwaves.

You can hear her talking to our good mates at SEN in Melbourne below. It was great to be able to present something different to sports shows across the country!

The beauty of the study is, that Australia's premier annual fixture guide the Sportsyear Diary is by far and away the best tool available for partners to schedule their lives around sport.

Nobody can argue with that.