The Sportsyear Engine is the new one stop shop to plan it right. Built for industry professionals and venues that broadcast live sport.

Monthly subscription


Never miss a beat when it comes to getting the best of current and upcoming sport thanks to Sportsyear’s ever ready digital platform.

Australian broadcast information is integrated, making this product a must have for venues as well as sports industry professionals.

Set reminders in your personalised sports calendar and get up to the second fixture information available seamlessly across all your devices.


  • Sportsyear data with broadcast information live across devices.
  • Search functionality to answer every type of query at a granular level.
  • Easily program your own personalised sports calendar and set reminders.

Plan it right.

Our mission is to help those serious about sport plan it right. We do the job so well most of our customers don’t know how they ever lived without us.

At Sportsyear we put accuracy, reliability and speed into the planning equation, which is only becoming more challenging with the globalisation and growth of sport.