September 7, 2015 / Feature Sportsyear – From Diary to Digital

By Ralph Tucker (@rtuck17)

“What’s next?”

These are the words often heard coming out of Sportsyear Co-Founder Patrick Galloway’s mouth and in many ways it cuts straight to the core of what the company is all about and where it is headed in the future.

When you have been producing what has become known as one of Australia’s most respected and credible scheduling resources, there isn’t much time to reflect.

Galloway says the business now has its eyes set on a digital future so that Sportsyear can really live up to its mission; which is to help fans witness every moment. 

"It's time for us to think big and to start to innovate, using out knowledge of sport, our legendary data and the power of technology," Galloway said.

Sportsyear Co-Founders Daniel Giorelando and Patrick Galloway (Pic: Scott Ehler)
Sportsyear Co-Founders Daniel Giorelando and Patrick Galloway (Pic: Scott Ehler)

If the Sportsyear Diary is anything to go by, the Sportsyear team know a lot about how to create innovative and much loved products.

The Sportsyear Diary was the brainchild of Patrick and his media colleague Daniel Giorelando over a decade ago, when they were embarking on their careers in the Australian media.

It was born out of the frustration of not being able to access a complete and comprehensive list of fixtures in the one place.

Within a year the pair went on to create what became the most trusted sources of sporting dates and draws Australia had ever seen.

Sportsyear aimed the product at sports fans like them, who were keen to consume the best sporting action from across the globe.

“I was Bruce McAvaney’s researcher when I told him about our idea to produce a diary with sports fixtures in it. He was enthusiastic and encouraged me to give it a shot,” Galloway said.

Since then, Sportsyear has gone on to become known around the country.

It also became utilised by many of Australia’s leading journalists and sports broadcasters, who loved the abillity to plan ahead of time, which events they should cover.

Sports broadcaster Mel McLaughlin and the Sportsyear Diary (Pic: Scott Ehler)
Sports broadcaster Mel McLaughlin and the Sportsyear Diary (Pic: Scott Ehler)

Galloway says the pair knew they had produced a product that was going to be in high demand, when Sunrise asked to do a segment on the Sportsyear Diary, within a couple of years of launch.

“To have one of the country’s leading breakfast shows talking about our diary on prime time TV was clearly a satisfying moment," Galloway said.

"It only made us work harder to continually deliver great products for our clients and genuine sports fans.”

In recent years Sportsyear has also ventured into sponsorships and partnerships with well-known sporting brands and identities.

As Patrick explained, sometimes it was the unexpected moments that provided some of the greatest memories of building a business.

“Last year we teamed up with Erebus Motorsport and our logo appeared on the side of Lee Holdsworth’s #4 car."

During the Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama, Holdsworth was in contention until he was clipped by a rival.

"We almost had Sportsyear being involved in taking out one of the biggest sporting events on the Australian sports calendar, which was something we did not really imagine," said Galloway.

Galloway says Sportsyear's partnerships have been a valuable way to promote the brand and get to know others in Australian sports industry.

"We're keen to build on those relationships as we move forward into the future and explore what we can do for fans and the industries connected to them, by leveraging data and technology,"

Lee Holdsworth in front of his Supercar, which featured the Sportsyear logo.
Lee Holdsworth in front of his Supercar, which featured the Sportsyear logo.

As it looks ahead, Sportsyear is committed to continuing to help those serious about sport plan it right, and witness every moment.

“For us it is always about what major sporting fixtures are coming up tomorrow, next week, next month and next year,"

Galloway says Sportsyear is about to embark on a digital transformation.

"We have just finished work on developing a state of the art sports scheduling database, which we have called the Sportsyer Engine," Galloway said.

"Watch this space,"