Use the Sportsyear API to integrate our legendary data within your own products. We’ve got every sport, team and league covered.


The Sportsyear API will allow you to build in specific fixture data into your own digital products.

We can deliver flawless, up to the second Sportsyear data, allowing you to focus on customer development.

Sportsyear covers all sports globally and the Sportsyear algorithm curates the best of it, allowing for endless possibilities.

Key features:

  • Harness the accuracy and depth of Sportsyear data.
  • Request fields by date, category or importance.
  • Build innovative planning solutions powered by Sportsyear.

Plan it right.

Our vision is a world where every sports fanatic witnesses every great sporting moment.

We help those serious about sport plan it right, with the unmatched precision of the Sportsyear Engine.