Our Story

Sportsyear was founded in 2003, by Daniel Giorelando and Patrick Galloway.

May, 2003 Printed origins

Tired of wasting time working out what was on, we used our expertise to put it all in one place.

The Sportsyear Diary quickly won praise for the way it curated fixture data to help people plan it right.

November, 2004 Building awareness

We asked leading commentator Andrew Voss to take on the role of chief planning advisor.

Each year Andrew dreams up his own unique reminder, delivered in ways only he can think of.

January, 2005 Proving popular

We started working with corporate partners, providing personalised promotional items.

Sportsyear’s print products became sought-after corporate gifts for those looking to make a mark.

May, 2012 Digital innovation

Time to harness the power of technology. Work on Sportsyear’s digital future commenced.

The task was to build a database to house our legendary fixture data. We called it the Sportsyear Engine.

July, 2017 Helping venues

Our first digital product, the Sportsyear Engine proved to be the perfect tool for venue’s serious about live sport.

We signed our first hospitality partnership with Young Hotels Group, owned by none other than former Wallaby Bill Young.