Our story

Sportsyear was founded by sports media colleagues Daniel Giorelando and Patrick Galloway in 2003.

May, 2003 Printed origins

Tired of wasting time working out what was on, we used our expertise to put the best of it all in one place.

The Sportsyear Diary quickly won praise for the way it curated data to help those serious about sport stay in the know.

November, 2004 Building awareness

We asked leading rugby league commentator Andrew Voss to become Sportsyear’s chief planning advisor.

Each year Andrew sends out his own special reminder to sports fans, done in ways that only he can think of.

May, 2013 Data gurus

We built the Sportsyear Engine to source, store, curate and analyse global sports calendar data.

It included the Sportsyear algorithm, which ranks sporting events based on their significance to fans.

July, 2017 Serving hospitality

We launched our digital platform to help leading venues in hospitality capitalise on live sport.

Sportsyear automates a custom schedule for partners and helps them market key games across digital touchpoints.

April, 2019 Fans of digital

We ceased production of the Sportsyear Diary and launched the Sportsyear subscription for fans.

It syncs Sportsyear highlights into digital calendars and gives fans detailed daily broadcast information across their devices.