Our story

Sportsyear was founded by Daniel Giorelando and Patrick Galloway in 2003.

It’s mission has always been to help those serious about sport plan it right.

May, 2003 Printed origins

Tired of wasting time working out what was on, we used our expertise to put the best of it in one place.

The Sportsyear Diary won praise for the way it helped those serious about sport stay in the know.


We built the Sportsyear Engine to take our legendary sports scheduling to the next level.

It uses data to automate the optimum sports calendar, so our partners can really plan it right.

July, 2017 Serving VENUES

We launched Sportsyear’s hospitality service to help leading venues save time and attract more customers.

Sportsyear automates the optimum live sports schedule and provides a range of stunning digital assets to help promote it.


We created a centralised sport and racing planning solution for Australian wagering operators.

It helps teams in the industry identify upcoming highlights, save time planning and never miss a key event.