June 20, 2018 / News Mounties teams up with Sportsyear

By Patrick Galloway (@pat11g)

If you venture into The Sports Bar at Mounties, you’ll quickly realise you’re in sports fan heaven.

40 LCD televisions line the room, leading towards one giant 100-inch mega screen at the far end of the venue. Even tables are equipped with in built screens, so patrons never miss a moment.

Six months on from launch, the group is reporting stronger than expected weekend attendances from members and guests, especially during well promoted, prime-time sporting weekends.

“We wanted to wow sports fans from day one with this venue.” Says Larissa O’Connor, Group Communications and Marketing Manager for Mounties Group.

“By getting our offer right from the start, creating a premium service for our sports loving customers, we have been able to steadily grow patronage,”

The Sports Bar at Mounties is also starting to draw a younger audience, including those interested in growing US based sports such as the NBA and NFL, which are fast developing a cult following in Australia.

“A critical part of that mix was ensuring the right live sport was available and being promoted to our members and their guests, so they had time to make plans to attend.” Says O’Connor.

Given Mounties Group’s record for excellence, it’s no surprise that Sportsyear's innovative sports marketing platform is helping the group take customer service to the next level in The Sports Bar.

“We have been using Sportsyear to plan and promote our schedule in the sports bar for the past five or so months," said Greg Pickering, CEO at Mounties.

"It’s clearly a far more effective and efficient way to get the job done.” he added.

Mounties Mark McDonough uses the Sportsyear Engine to plan and promote live sport in The Sports Bar.
Mounties Mark McDonough uses the Sportsyear Engine to plan and promote live sport in The Sports Bar.

Mark McDonough coordinates live sport across the Group and uses Sportsyear on a daily basis to identify the big sports on each week, work out staff rosters and even add drink specials and promotions, which can be synced with the club’s website.

Mounties staff can also access the daily line up across digital devices in venue, so patrons with a query are always informed of what’s showing in the venue and where.

“In the rapidly changing sports broadcast landscape, with around 60 channels available showing live sport, not to mention live streaming options, Sportsyear is perfect for venues," says Sportsyear Co-Founder, Patrick Galloway.

“Over the past decade we have developed an expertise for building the most accurate and reliable global sports calendar and we’re proud to be partnering with clubs like Mounties."

“Gone are the days when a patron should be asking an attendant if they are showing an event, or if they can change the channel to show a sport they are interested in."

O’Connor says Sportsyear has also helped her team track niche sports, that locals love, to ensure that those games are always being shown and promoted.

“It’s a huge advantage for us during major events, such as the upcoming World Cup, where we want to make sure we’re not missing a moment of the action and are promoting the right events to patrons."

"We have a strong South American football fan base here in south-western Sydney, so we’ll be making sure those World Cup matches are shown here, live and loud.”